• How much power do the lights use?

    Every 60 feet of our 3" LED lights use as much energy as a 60W lightbulb. This means most projects only use the equivalent energy of three light bulbs for their entire project

  • How is the system controlled?

    The system is controlled though an app on your phone or tablet. We support Android, Apple, and Amazon Devices.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    We have multiple promotions throughout the year to offer discounts to our customers.

  • Can I Order a Different Color of Track

    Yes! We welcome custom orders. Keep in my mind that there may be a preimum and minimum order quanity order to fulfill your request

  • Do you offer installation?

    We have temporarily suspended our installation services due to staffing shortages. However, we are building a contractor network to best serve you!

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes! Although we have a strong history of long lasting products, we offer a tiered system for replacemnt parts based on the age of the system.