• The Status Quo

    The standard of buying, storing, untangling, and hanging string lights in the cold is the worst. Not to mention when you realize half the strands don't work once they're up.

  • The Chore

    Nagging or being nagged at to put up lights only to take them down a month later isn't fun for anyone. Let's not even mention that outdoor light with some obscure bulb that burns out after 2 weeks.

  • The Logic

    Everyone should be free from this awful burden and it shouldn't cost you your first-born nor require a rocket-surgery degree to install. There's no need to be price gouged or spend more time than necessary on lighting.

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Sound Familiar? Let's Do Something About It

Not Our First Rodeo

Backed by years of engineering and thousands of installation hours we have created an easy to follow process to get you up and running. Take your first steps into a new era with our easy order plan.

Easy Order Plan

Step 1: Measure

Decide where you would like to place lights then utilizing tape measures, lasers, or Google Earth, determine the length of lights needed.

Need a hand? Let us measure for you

Step 2: Calculate and Order

Enter your measurement data into our calculator here, then order the correct components based on your results.

Step 3: Install with Basic Tools

Get going with our easy to follow instructional videos and written instructions here.

Step 4: Kick Back and Relax

Pull up a chair and take a load off. Be sure to admire your work and have fun playing!

  • James E.

    Hey there! I recently bought a DIY kit from Promethean Lighting and it was a breeze to install. The kit had everything I needed and the instructions were super clear. I'm not handy at all, but I had no trouble setting everything up. If you need new lighting for your home, check out Promethean Lighting - you won't regret it!

  • Sophia R.

    These light are absolutely amazing! I'm not the handiest person around, but with the instruction videos and manual it only took one day! Probaly even less time than hanging normal Christmas lights. All the neighbors are so jealous. There are so many options, I had to grab a lawn chair and play with them all!

  • Rob Y.

    I'm loving the Xelos kit from Promethean Lighting - it's an affordable solution that anyone can use to upgrade their home's lighting. Seriously, I'm no electrician but I had no problem getting everything set up. If you're looking for a simple, effective way to elevate your home's ambiance, Xelos is the way to go. Highly recommend!

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Join the future of lighting, reduce your stress, save money, spend time where it actually matters, and enjoy looking at the fruits of your labor each and every day.

Still Not Convinced?

Our Technology

Every piece of technology from our smallest circuit boards to our top tier control apps have been engineered and designed from the ground up in house. We know our trade, and hope you have the opportunity to see firsthand the time and dedication we've put into creating these systems especially for you.


We started our company with the average home owner in mind. We believe everyone should have access to these products and enjoy their benefits. In doing so, we have created the best priced permanent lighting system on the market, while still maintaining the utmost quality.


Hanging conventional lights every year can be dangerous and just a hassle. Ladders enough are bad, let alone when that one uncle tells you its okay to cram 30 plugs into one outlet. But not to worry, we have safeguards built in for overload along with highly efficient lights. Plus with one final installation, we can keep you off the ladders for as long as possible.

Not comfortable installing?

Not to worry, we are currently building a team of contractors to take care of that for you. In the meantime, we, along with our customers, recommend Ace Handyman Services, Home Depot Services, and Lowe's Home Services to complete your installation. They charge fair rates, are readily available, and are great at what they do.

Are you a contractor? If you're interested in installing our product, please reach out to info@prometheanlighting.com